JC Polo Europe

We try to find out about as many tournaments around the world that are open to players and teams from all countries. Please feel free to send your tournaments details and Links: jamespaddles@gmail.com

Date Name City County contact
23-25 May Deuchland Cup Essen Germany  
30-31 May Prague interntional Prague Czech https://www.facebook.com/events/1389302004711742/
30-31 May Amsterdam Open Amsterdam Netherlands  
6-7 June Liverpool International Liverpool Great Britian  
6-7 June Leipzig Leipzig Germany  
13-14 June Kaniow  Kaniow Poland  
13-14 June Liblar   Germany  
27-28 June Flanders Cup- ECA 2 HAZEWINKEL Belgium http://www.flanderscup.eu/
27-28 June Radolfzel Radolfzell Germany  
27-28 June Munich Munich Germany  
4-5 July Deventer Deventer Netherlands http://www.canoepolodeventer.nl/
4-5 July Duisburg   Germany  
4-5 July Joy Davis Hull International Hull Great Britian http://www.kkc.org.uk/?page_id=1918
11-12 July Franco Baschirotto Memorial Challenge Trophy Castello di Porpetto Italy  
11-12 July Gauchau   Germany  
18-19 July Choszczno- Polish  Choszczno Poland  
25-26 July London International London Great Britian  
1-2 August Thury-Harcourt Thury-harcourt France  
8-9 August De Paddle Ieper Belgium  
22-23 August Irish Open   Ireland  
26-30 August European Championships Essen Germany  
29-30 August Gekko Open Gent Belgium  
19-20 September Breizh Cup Acigne France



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