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Frog TOPDECK Kevlar Deck-polo

Frog Neoprene

Topdeck version of the best deck in the canoe polo world!

The top half is made from a very stretchy waterproof material that allows the polo play a full range of motion. Keeps you warm for those winter training sessions without compromising your skills.....we leave that to the cold hands :-) 

Bottom half is the world famous Kevlar edged polo spray-deck. 4 mm neoprene with Velcro sewn seams, the seams then have reinforced tape. Sculptured waist with adjustable braces. The deck made using a strong-pad neoprene, more resistant to wear than most neoprene. Then there is Kevlar neoprene around the entire edge of the deck making this deck polo-proof! The underside has a latex wear-strip to ensure a great waterproof seal. 

If you are not as impressed as I am I will be surprised!

Sizing is more important at your chest so let us know your your size so we can get the best option for you. Measure around your chest under armpits.

Remember to add your chest size required in comments box


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